Your Sun Tamers Team

Frank Torriero III
New Products
Our fearless leader/owner and addict of growth and products. Frank is a knowledge hound for great products that go hand in hand with our cornerstones of the window film industry. Since acquiring the company almost 20 years ago Sun Tamers has added 20 new major product lines and services. Frank's knowledge comes from experience and the school of hard knocks. His business warrior mentality and drive to have a successful company with the best people, products and processes leaves Sun Tamers exceeding the client's expectations and coming back for more.
Michael Sheurs
Operations & Creative Director
Commercial Graphics
Vehicle Wraps
Michael is a cutting edge, open minded, outside the box, problem solving guru of his department. Michael has a degree in design and art, but we just basically call it a degree in being cool. He is in charge of running one of the most impressive and advanced print machines on the market, the HP360 Latex Printer. Oohh Fancy! The knowledge of sticking stickers or vinyl wraps to hundreds of different substrates does not come easy or should not be taken lightly. Michael has mastered his art of not just getting it done, but getting it done right!
Dawn Armstrong
In-house Window Film Sales
Dawn, is about the nicest person you could ever meet. Her kind mannerism, cheery voice and professionalism is second to none. A former dance instructor, has Waltzed and Jitterbugged into running the show. She has been in the window film business for over 15 years. She has an extensive product knowledge on automotive films and flat glass films. Dawn fits our business model perfectly here at Sun Tamers with a great attitude and gets the job done right. Do you like a cup of hot Joe? Well watch out because our Dawn is like a triple espresso!! And we love it!
Randy Frans
Window Coverings Specialist
Sales & Operations of Window Coverings
Randy is the "magician" of Window Coverings. Randy, a 30 year veteran of the window coverings business, has just about covered it all. Randy owned a successful window coverings company before joining the ranks of Sun Tamers. If he is not dazzling you with a few card tricks to lighten the mood, he is volunteering his selfless time to feed the homeless. Randy is a throwback to when people did things because it was honest and the right thing to do. It's a blessing to have his experience and goodness on our team.
Garrett Rexford
Customer Service
Call Center
Garrett, a thriving young man just finishing up high school, yes, I said high school, is as smart and hardworking as they come. With a GPA of over 4.0 and an accomplished cross country track star, it's no wonder he would find his way to a winning team like Sun Tamers. Don't classify this kid with the typical "Millennial" name tag. In the short time in the industry, his work ethic and thoroughness has put him in the passenger seat right next to Dawn, the ruler of the roost. Who knows someday he may take the wheel.
Carlos Huerta Zuniga
Installation and Quality Control
Master Tinter Auto & Flat Glass
Vehicle Graphics and Commercial Wraps Installer
Carlos is our longest tenure Employee of 15 years! Carlos started as a young man just trying to learn a bit about car tinting. Oh boy, did he not only learn, he has the skill and keen eye to make sure the highest standards are met. Carlos knows the importance of good work and is not afraid to demand excellence from his team. A true perfectionist, himself he is directly responsible for maintaining our over 20 of Sun Tamers' dealerships accounts. This in turn is a reflection of those dealership reputations with hundreds of their VIP clientele. Holy Guacamole that's a big deal.

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