We only employ the most qualified technicians in all of our services.  We have strict requirements to make sure that our technicians are the best in the industry.  We’ve taken the certifications necessary to offer the best products and have received awards for our work.


Panorama is Solargard’s elite products offered to a small percentage of dealers nationwide. It is offered to companies that meet a demanding list of qualifications to ensure that the end user receives the best product and installation.


Panorama’s Hilite film is the best of the best. We were happy to receive this award recognizing us as one of the top Hilite dealers in the country.


Sun Tamers doesn’t compete yearly in competitions but when we do we are sure to take it home. This competition included dealers from all over the west coast.



For 30 years customers have depended on Sun Tamers, serving Orange County and neighboring communities for all of their home, automotive and commercial improvement projects.

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Sun Tamers is fully insured, licensed and bonded for ours and your protection. Problems are always to be avoided but in reality they can happen. Be assured that everything is covered and protected. You’re not just hiring a company for a good day, you’re hiring them for a bad day, also.

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