Laguna Beach Home

Help!  It’s just too hot…  we can’t use our home!

This custom home has incredible ocean views for days. But with the view comes the daunting all day sun. After meeting with AC contractors and the general contractor, Laguna Builders, Sun Tamers came up with a solution to make this house habitable again. This particular project was a no-win situation. Dark glass windows in a western setting sun exposure for seven hours plus. Sun Tamers developed a plan to cut back the intense heat by using an Exterior window film application to stop the heat at the point of impact versus transmission. The end result was amazing. During the case study we were able to take out an unbelievable 15° of interior heat. The homeowner stated that the house was virtually unusable during the intense peak sun.  We not only saved their furniture and expensive art work but we made the home comfortable during those same peak times.

So if you’re worried about preserving your views and cutting the heat. Don’t worry, Sun Tamers will have a solution for your home. Call today for your free estimate.

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